Centre for Environment Law, Research and Action,  (CELRA) is looking for Volunteers and Interns

About the Centre: 

The Centre For Environmental Law, Research and Action (CELRA), Niti Manthan is committed to ensuring that everyone is equipped to understand the nuances of Environmental law. CELRA examines environmental law and its jurisprudence in India and its scope in the international community and streamlines the process to work towards climate change and sustainability through law and effective policy. We are dedicated to expanding the scope of inclusivity of environmental policy and try ensuring that all stakeholder’s opinions are regarded in its policymaking. 

Centre for Environment Law, Research and Action,  (CELRA) is looking for volunteers and interns for its various departments. We are looking to attract applications for leadership and member positions for the following departments.

Policy Analysis Wing : https://forms.gle/1d724ubh57PATbbH9

Headed by Swetha Naidu & Laghima Sharma.

Email: policyanalysiswing.CELRA@gmail.com

Research and Development Department: https://forms.gle/CwB7hktsvtAaJiNz6

Headed by Nandini Praveen

Email: nandini.praveen2000@gmail.com

Projects Team: https://forms.gle/JDN75Nq6FXrEdGLK7

Headed by Jhethru V

Email: jhethru.v@law.christuniversity.in

Please go through the forms and requirements carefully. All details have been duly provided. In case of any questions, please reach out to the relevant department heads.

Eligibility: Students and young practitioners in diverse fields such as law, humanities, environmental sciences, creative fields, and journalism. 

Deadline: June 30th , 2022 at 11:59pm.

For Additional Information: 

1. Website: https://www.nmcelra.com/

2. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nm-celra/?originalSubdomain=in 

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