CfP: International Seminar (Thirteenth Virtual) on Role of Judiciary in Controlling Maladministration – A Comparative Study. [July 23rd]: Submit By July 17th.

Kerala Law Academy Law College is inviting submissions for its 13th International Seminar on Role of Judiciary in Controlling Maladministration – A Comparative Study. scheduled on July 23rd 2022.

About the Organization

The Kerala Law Academy Law College (KLA), established in 1966 is a Centre for legal studies, legal research and law reforms. Its acclaimed peer-reviewed Research Journal has been published continuously since 1977.

The College, affiliated to the University of Kerala, offers Undergraduate programs in BA LL.B. and B. Com LL.B. five-year integrated courses, LLB Unitary three-year course and Post-Graduate courses of LL.M (Administrative Law), LL.M (International Law) and MBL (Master of Business Law).

About the Seminar

Kerala Law Academy Law College in association with Centre for Advanced Legal Studies and Research (CALSAR) and IQAC, KLA is organizing a One Day International Seminar on Role of Judiciary in Controlling Maladministration – A Comparative Study on July 23rd 2022 from the Kerala Law Academy Campus, Peroorkada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Call for Papers

The Organizing Committee is calling for Research Articles from Law Students, Academicians, Lawyers, Social Workers, Policy Makers, and Officials from various Departments- Representatives from Institutions and Professionals; NGO, Social Activists, Social Science Researchers and Faculty and Research Scholars.

Any developing system of administration gives importance to the existence of a mechanism for handling the results of the administrative faults, and the recognition of a right of every member of the society to know what happens in the government files. Maladministration refers to the actions of a government body which can be seen as causing an injustice. History has shown us many instances of corruption, abuse of power and nepotism in public administration. The system of modern administration is no exception to these problems. Complaints of maladministration, corruption, inefficiency delay, bias in public administration etc, have now started increasing. As seen throughout the evolution of humanity, power sings a song of corruption in man’s ear. Absolute power and control have often led to tyranny, aggression and complete chaos.

The Seminar will attempt to explore the different aspects of Maladministration and the control of judiciary. The purpose of the seminar is to serve as a medium that enlightens the outcome, unsolved questions and further explore new direction in this field of law.


The Seminar is conducted through the online platform ZOOM. All the participants should have good access to the internet and be able to access the above said online platform.


1. Remedies  for Maladministration
2. Inter relation between corruption and maladministration
3. Maladministration- a time line between power and responsibility
4. Ombudsman and human right protection
5. Judicial influence in ombudsman
6. Relation between ombudsman and the courts
7. Maladministration- complaints
8. Maladministration in public sector
9. Government vs. maladministration
10. Bureaucratic corruption and legal control
11. The problem of maladministration
12. Judicial role in controlling maladministration
13. Principles of judicial control over administration
14. Conventions against maladministration
15. Ombudsman: Domestic protection and promotion of international Human rights
16. Powers of ombudsman

• Faculty Co-Convenor:

1)     Adv. Binu P.M. (Assistant Professor, Kerala Law Academy Law College):- +91 9746179873

2)     Sri. Salini A.P. (Assistant Professor, Kerala Law Academy Law College):- +91 8527861463

3)     Dr. Dakshina Saraswathy (Assistant Professor, Kerala Law Academy Law College):- +91 97441 69215

• Student Convenors:

1)     Gautham Viswam +91 88910 01101

2)     Lakshmi V.S.: +91 9605530081

3)     Anagha S.: +91 6238376060

4)     Aathira S. Kumar

5)     Reshma Sukumaran

6)     Philip Jacob K.R.

7)     Ren Shibu

8)     Mili Rose

For More details visit The Kerala Law Academy website (


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