CM Uddhav Thackeray resigns from post

30 june 2022

By Rahul Kushwaha

Shiv sena president and CM of Maharashtra resigned from his post after the SC refuses to stay on floor test. Shiv sena moved to SC for stay on floor test, SC refused plea of stay on floor test on 11 july. On Wednesday late evening Uddhav Thackeray give his resignation letter to governor. After resignation he post a video message to sena worker in which he said, “I am ni do not want to see blood ot the one who will stick to power. From today morning  my wokers are being sent notice by police. Central forces are here. Army might be called. Hose who should have been at china border will be here. I don’t want to see blood of my workers spilling on road. Today I resign from the post of CM

Now there is no need f floor test , BJp has  ajority. They will make their govt, and end of Thackeray’s raj. Mr. Thackeray resigned from MLC post also he said, ‘now I will be only work for my party”

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