Space Law Decluttered SLD Call For Blogs

Space Law Decluttered is a Blog dedicated to coalescing views, opinions and more on space law, policy and more. We are inviting articles on Space law, policy, technology and economy from those interested especially students pursuing fields allied to Outer Space Policy.

Please follow the following instructions for submission of Blog:

  1. The submitted article must be original, should not have been published elsewhere and must be relevant to Space policy or allied to it.
  2. Submission must be made in word format. PDF format or any other similar format shall not be accepted. 
  3. Article must be divided into relevant sub headings.
  4. For footnotes/endnotes, the Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA) (4th edition) must be adhered to. Authors are advised to be precise while referencing, such as by hyperlinking the relevant statutes and judgements, and citing the precise provisions and chronology in brackets.
  5. Minimum word limit 500 words.
  6. The subject of the email should be ‘SUBMISSION – (TITLE OF ARTICLE)’.
  7. The article must be accompanied by an image that brings out the essence of the article. 
  8. The authors must include a declaration in the body of the mail, as to the bona fides of their submission. A sample declaration to that effect can be: “The article is an original work of the author/s. I certify that the intellectual content of this article is the product of my own work. No part of this article has been copied from any other source without acknowledgement of the source.”
  9. Co-Authorship is permitted. 

Articles must be mailed to with a short bio about the author(s).

Articles after publication may be cross posted after prior intimation. Submission does not require fees during submission or after publication.


The review process is a two staged process. The editorial board will provide acknowledgement of acceptance or rejection within 7 days. In certain cases the article may be published after required corrections are made by the author of the submission. Articles shall be reviewed and published within 7 days. 

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