Temples, Homes vandalised in Bangladesh over a Facebook Post

A temple, several homes and shops owned and belonging to the Hindu community were vandalised in South-western Bangladesh over a Facebook post which allegedly belittled Islam and instigated anger among people.

Several homes were vandalised by a mob with one house being torched in the Sahapara village in Narail District. The mob further attacked a temple in the village by throwing bricks inside and breaking the furniture present. Several shops were also vandalised in the region.

The mob dispersed only after the police fired several warning shots and the situation became normal at night. As per the Superintendent of the Narail District, law enforcers were working to keep the situation in control.

The police, meanwhile, arrested the individual responsible for the alleged Facebook post. The individual identified as Akash Saha, a college student, was detained in the Khulna region after a case was filed against him on July 15 for belittling Islam.

This attack was the most recent incident in the latest spate of violence targeting the religious minority. Instances of such incidents have been increasing in Bangladesh, especially in areas where there exists a Muslim majority. Most of these incidents are a result of anger instigated by fake posts or rumours spread through social media.


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