International Seminar || Centre for Women & Law , NLUO

About NLUO: National Law University Odisha (“NLU Odisha”) was established in the year 2008 by the Odisha government with a vision to develop as a Centre of Excellence in Legal Education, to emerge as a place of professional learning, and to further nurture the idea of “serviceability” to the people to carry forward the social justice mission of legal education. In furtherance of the same, the Legal Aid Society of NLU Odisha was established in the year 2012 with a mission to implement the mandate of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987.

About the Centre: The Centre for Women & Law (CWL) is a Research Centre of National Law University Odisha which works with the combined effort of faculty members and students of NLUO. The Centre was established with a view of having a platform for the unremitting study of the structural, societal, legal and regulatory issues associated with gender from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

About the Seminar: In India, two-thirds of married women are victims of domestic violence. Gender-based violence (GBV), including domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, and stalking, is a serious danger to women’s equality and self-determination in public and private areas. Poor and disenfranchised people, particularly women, often lack access to a responsive police force, resulting in decreased security and increased crime and violence. Through this initiative, we envisage promoting an exchange of opinions about the issues and challenges facing society regarding Gender-based violence and the role of Gender targeted policing interventions (Mahila Police Thana, Women’s Help Desk at Police stations and more women in as well as deploying more female officers to these WHDs and enforcement agencies, improves frontline officer responsiveness to women, as well as crime and crime reporting) to combat the same.

To know more about the seminar and call for papers, kindly refer to the brochure attached below. ||


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