Public can lodge complaints against traffic cops found talking, browsing on mobile phones while on duty: Kerala High Court.

On Tuesday, In the case of Aboobacker KA & Ors. v Joint Regional Transport Officer, Kerala’s High Court ordered the Kochi Police Commissioner  to take action against a traffic police officer found  using a mobile phone while on duty, except for emergency or official calls.

Judge Amit Rawal found that traffic cops were constantly scrolling through their mobile phones while on duty, so he ordered that anyone who witnessed this could file a complaint.

The order was issued following a plea  by a group of auto-rickshaw drivers who questioned some restrictions  on the number of vehicles that could be used in the town of Ernakulam in Permavur.

Although the court denied the petition, it left the case pending to issue periodic orders to address issues related to private bus and auto-rickshaw operations in Ernakulam district.

In an earlier order, it had directed the police commissioner and Kochi’s local transport authority to ban the use of horns on private transport buses within city limits and  ensure that they  only operate on the far left  of the city’s streets. was ordered to be issued immediately.

 Police have since informed the court of the steps they have taken  to address traffic violations and  raise awareness of the rules. Court also directed further orders and other compliance matter will be heard on 31st August.


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