Nivaaran: Mediators of Supreme Court of India International Virtual Summer School 2022: 5th -15th August 2022

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Nivaaran: Mediators of the Supreme Court of India is a body of Mediators from the Supreme Court of India working for the advancement of amicable settlement of disputes through Mediation.

About the event: The objective of this 10-day long summer school is to well equip young lawyers and students with the theory and practice of mediation by engaging in discussion with renowned mediation practitioners and trainers from across the world.

Important Dates and Schedule:


Day – 1 – 6th August:

Guest Speaker: Archana Medhekar (Canada)


– Historical perspective of dispute resolution
– Development of legal systems
– Culture

Day – 2 – 7th August:

Guest Speaker: Ajay Mehta (India)


– Ethics and Ethical Issues in Mediation
– Confidentiality, neutrality, and self-determination

Day – 3 – 8th August:

Guest Speaker: Sarah Blake (Australia)


– An overview of conflict and styles of conflict
– Conflict management, resolution, and transformation

Day – 4 – 9th August:

Guest Speaker: Prof. Joel Lee (Singapore)


– Communication skills needed for a mediator
– Verbal and non-verbal communication

Day – 5 – 10th August:

Guest Speaker:
 Chitra Narayan (India)


– Introduction to mediation
– Definition and Process of Mediation
– Differences between mediation, conciliation, arbitration, and litigation
– Lacunae and disadvantages of adversarial dispute resolution.

Day – 6 – 11th August:

Guest Speaker:
 Jawad Mohammed (India)


– Negotiation-Definition
– Soft, hard and principled negotiation
– Negotiation skills needed for a mediator as a facilitator of negotiation
– Conclusions and Agreement in Mediation

Day – 7 – 12th August:

Guest Speaker:
 Andrew Miller (England)


– Online mediation
– Advantages and disadvantages of online mediation

Day – 8 – 13th August:

Guest Speaker: 
Justice Joyce Alouch (Kenya)


– Mediation Advocacy

Day – 9 – 14th August:

Guest Speaker: 
Gregory Vijyendran (Singapore)


– Future of Mediation
– Singapore Convention &
– Legislation on Mediation

Valedictory Ceremony:

[15th August, 5:00 PM IST/12:30 PM BST]

Chief Guest: 

Hon’ble Mr. Pamidighantam Sri Narasimha, Judge, Supreme Court of India

The Classes will run from 5th to 15th August from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM IST/12:30 PM – 2:30 PM BST] daily via Zoom.

Eligibility: Students of 3/5 year LL.B. degree courses from any institution recognized by B.C.I. and LL.M. are eligible to participate. In addition, those engaged in the field of law as professionals/academicians/practitioners.

Registration Link:

The brochure can be accessed at:

Registration Fees: INR 500 (Indian Participants) & USD 10$ (Foreign Nationals)

For any queries/intended communication please feel free to contact us at

Alternatively, you can reach out to our student coordinator.

Student Coordinator:

Rahul: +91 7903435470


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