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Intellectual Property Rights is a burgeoning sector that not only protects owners, artists, and writers in safeguarding their work, but also opens up a slew of opportunities for young people with legal or technical backgrounds. Seeing as intellectual property is such a vast field, the World Cyber Security Forum has created a one-month course on “Practical Guide to Patent Laws,” which will cover the practicalities of filing and drafting patents, as well as litigation during the filing process, as well as infringement and court execution.


To Become Patent Agents:

Being a Patent Agent is a rewarding profession. After becoming a patent agent, a student with a science, technology, or engineering background has the following career options:

1.  Work in a law firm, LPO or KPO, or R&D-based corporate – A beginner with a solid understanding of the Patents Act can expect a starting salary of Rs. 22,000 – 28,000 which rises steadily as the expertise grows.

2.  Foreign-based multinationals are outsourcing their work to India – A fresh patent agent working in an MNC may start at Rs. 35,000.

3.  Work as a consultant or freelancer – The remuneration of an independent Patent Agent is determined by the number of clients served and the services provided.

A salary of one lakh or more is usual for an experienced patent professional (a conservative figure).  Therefore, the salary of a patent agent in India ranges from 3.0 lakh to 20 lakh per annum.

To Become Patent Attorneys:

  1. Get Hired by Law Firms & Senior Advocates: In order to service a larger client base, many law firms are broadening their fields of practice and looking to acquire IP attorneys.
  2. Opportunity to work as In-House Counsel: MNCs and enterprises that deal with inventions or innovations are willing to invest in an in-house lawyer who is also familiar with patent law. Though patent agents handle the filing, an in-house counsel’s practical understanding offers them an advantage when such services are outsourced and they have to act as a bride on the company’s behalf.
  3. Exposure of work with Start-Ups: Patent Attorneys are also in high demand as the number of technical start-ups grows and they need Advocates who are well aware of IPR ways to reduce the cost of hiring a number of specialists.
  4. Become an entrepreneur: Patent Attorneys can start their individual practice, and collaborate with multiple startups and companies in order to offer their services.


Module1: Introduction to Patent Regime in India

Module 2: Patent Drafting and Filing in India 

Module 3: Patent Prosecution in India

Module 4: Patent Enforcement in India

Module 5: Legal Drafting (Appeals at IPAB and other Courts, Legal Notices, Petitions for Infringements & its Replies and other Miscellaneous Applications)

Module 6: Current Scenario of Patent Litigation vis-a-vis IPD Rules

Module 7: Landmark Judgment related to Patents


1 Month (The course will tentatively begin on 15th August 2022. It is a self-paced course and can be completed in as early as ten days.)


  • Unlimited lifetime access to the course material and Lecture Recordings.
  • 1 Hour of tailored one-on-one career and job counselling sessions with industry experts.
  • One-time CV assessment 
  • Access to PPT & videos related to the topic.
  • E-Certification of Merit or Appreciation for all.
  • One blog publication for free (it has to complete the screening process).
  • 20% discount on digital publications for all.
  • 20% discount on other related courses for meritorious students.
  • Internship opportunity with WCSF for meritorious students.


Rs. 999 INR

Rs. 699 INR 


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