According to ADR, NOTA received 1.29 crore votes in the previous five years’ state and general elections.

According to electoral rights organisation ADR, 1.29 crore NOTA votes were cast in state and federal elections during the past five years.The amount of votes received by NOTA (None of the above) candidates in various elections held from 2018 to 2022 was examined by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW).

In the state assembly elections, NOTA received an average of 64,53,652 votes (64.53 lakhs), according to the report.According to the study, NOTA received 65,23,975 votes overall, or 1.06 percent.

The Gopalganj (SC) constituency in Bihar had the maximum number of NOTA votes in the Lok Sabha elections—51,660—while Lakshadweep received the fewest—100.

Constituency wise, NOTA has secured as high as 27,500 votes in Latur Rural constituency of Maharashtra and as low as nine votes in Tali constituency of Arunachal Pradesh.

Red Alert Constituencies which have three or more candidates with criminal cases contesting elections, NOTA has secured 26,77,616 votes (26.77 lakhs) in state assembly elections since 2018, the ADR said.

The ADR has suggested that no candidates be declared elected and that a new election be held in which none of the previous candidates are permitted to run if the votes cast for NOTA in any constituency are more than the votes cast for all of the contending candidates.


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