Anand Sharma, a congressman from Himachal Pradesh, resigns as the steering committee’s chairman prior to the assembly elections.

Anand Sharma, a senior member of the Congress, resigned from his position as the party’s state steering committee chairman on Sunday, shocking the party before of the assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh.

Sharma is alleged to have resigned from the position and stated in a letter to Congresswoman Sonia Gandhi that his self-respect is “non-negotiable.”

His resignation comes shortly after that of Ghulam Nabi Azad, another G23 group leader, who stepped down from his position as Jammu and Kashmir’s campaign committee chairman a few days earlier.

Sharma had complained to the Congress leader about being disregarded during the dialogue process. He assured Gandhi that he will still advocate for the party candidates in the state, nevertheless.The former union minister and deputy leader of the Congress in Rajya Sabha was appointed as chairman of the Steering Committee in Himachal Pradesh on 26 April.Both Azad and Sharma are prominent leaders of the G23 grouping which has been critical of the decisions of the party leadership.


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