Bench of Justice DY Chandrachud to hear Subramanian Swamy’s plea on Ram Setu

Legal News 

Date: 18th August 2022

Dr. Subramanian Swamy, a Rajya Sabha MP, filed a petition with the Supreme Court on Wednesday seeking National Heritage Status for Ram Setu.

The issue was heard before the Bench of Justice D.Y. Chandrachud, who stated that the decision to list the matter next will be made after careful consultation with the other concerned members.

“I shall discuss it with my Ld brother and see when we can list it,” Justice DY Chandrachud remarked. Swamy had asked the CJI Bench and Justice N.V. Ramana earlier today for an early listing, and he was advised to bring it up before Justice Chandrachud.

Ram Setu is a bridge that spans a range of limestone shoals off Tamil Nadu’s south-eastern coast. It stretches from Pamban Island near Rameshwaram in South India to Mannar Island off Sri Lanka’s northern coast.

The significance of the bridge may be traced back to the epic Ramayana, when Lord Ram built it to reach Sri Lanka to rescue Sita. The Supreme Court ruled in January 2020 that Swamy’s Ram Sethu petition should be heard but urged him to return it in three months due to the backlog of cases before it.

Since then, the subject has been addressed several times, the most recent being on July 13th, when the Bench led by CJI Ramana agreed to list it on July 26, 2022. Dr. Swamy informed the Supreme Court that the Union ministers scheduled a meeting in this respect in 2017, but nothing transpired after that.

Dr. Swamy addressed the topic of establishing Ram Setu as a National Heritage site in his 2007 petition against the Sethusamudram Ship Channel project for Ram Setu preservation, and the Apex Court ordered a stay on the project’s work over Ram Sethu.

Title: The Supreme Court seeks a response from the Sikkim State Government, UPSC, to the lawsuit against the appointment of the DGP.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday requested action from the Sikkim government and the Federal Public Service Commission (UPSC) in a lawsuit challenging the appointment of Sikkim’s  DGP.

NV Ramana’s Supreme Court Judges’ Bench and Justices JK Maheshwari and Hima Kohli released a memorandum on the matter, making similar pleas against the appointment of the DGP in Bihar. 

The Public Interest Litigation (PIL) complaint filed by Attorney Satish Kumar finds that his appointment of IPS Commissioner Sudhakar Rao as his DGP  of the state violated the supreme Court decision of Prakash Singh.

Rao was found guilty of bribery by a departmental investigation led by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the petition said. 

Accordingly, petitioners request the following remedies; writ petition to set aside the appointment and requested to appoint DGP as per the Prakash Singh judgement of 2006 by the Hon’ble Supreme Court.


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