China launches missiles off the Taiwan cost after Nancy Pelosi’s visit

China conducted several precision missile strikes off the eastern coast of Taiwan and the Taiwan strait as amid the visit by US House of Representatives speaker, Nancy Pelosi, as tensions between the countries intensify to the highest level in decades.

The military exercises conducted by China involved the firing of long range explosive projectiles as confirmed by the Military Wing of the Communist Party on Thursday. China further plans to conduct several military strikes under its navy, air force and other departments in six zones surrounding Taiwan.

Five of the strikes launched by China landed in a Special Economic Zone in island of Hateruma, situated to the south of Japan, as confirmed by Japanese Defence Minister, Nabuo Kishi. This comes after the statement issued by G7 nations on the Taiwan conflict, following which China cancelled a bilateral meeting scheduled with Japan.

The Taiwanese president Tsai Ingwen criticized China’s actions while urging it to be reasonable and restrained. As per the Defence Ministry of Taiwan, it counted 11 Dongfeng missiles in waters in north, south and east. It also launched jets to fight off the Chinese fighter jets which crossed the Taiwan Median Line entering its air defence zones and fought off drones above the Kinmen Islands.


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