Free Webinar on “Intersection between Patent law and Competition law” [Sep. 2, Fri, 12 Noon to 1 PM] : Register Now

About Auro University-

AURO University, formerly AURO University of Hospitality and Management, is a private university located at Surat, Gujarat, India. It was established in 2011 by the Rama family through The Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2011.

AURO School of Law works on the guiding principles of Shri Aurobindo and the Divine Mother. It was institutionalized in the year 2012 and envisioned to provide its students with a demand-driven, academically rigorous, educational and stimulating learning experience in an allinclusive environment. It strives to become a center for research, excellence and expose students to new ideas and offer them innovative problem solving and learning environment with a special focus on integral education. ALC is well set to raise the bar of legal competitions and research to another level.

About the Webinar-

The past year has brought significant developments in Competition Law and Patent Law both on a national level and on an EU level. Companies and Professionals are facing newer challenges day by day as digital technology and advancement is changing the way we interact and navigate the field of patents and competition all around the world.

The webinar will detail about the “Intersection between Competition Law and Patent Law”. It will also give insights about practice in the field of IPR. This webinar is going to help legal practitioners and law students alike to grasp the key developments in the field of patent law and offer insights to help them navigate the field of competition law.

About the Speaker-

The speaker, Ms Priggya Arora, is the managing partner of the firm PA legal which is based in New Delhi. The firm practices IPR law and specializes in Patent law litigation and registration. She is an ex-Senior patent associate of Khurana and Khurana, Advocates and IP attorneys. She has been very vocal about Patents and being a professional in the legal industry through her podcast “The Priggya Arora Show – Law, Innovation & Entrepreneurship”.

General Detail- 

Date: 2nd September, 2022 

Time: 12 Noon to 1 PM.

Registration Fees: No fees 

Registration Link-


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