Salman Khurshid claims he is protesting to defend his leader, and the BJP claims the controversy’s true character has been revealed

Salman Khurshid, a leader in the Congress, sparked a controversy on Friday by asserting that he was taking part in the demonstrations to support his leader because his leader supports him. This gave the BJP new ammunition to criticise the Congress for its protests by claiming that their goal was to protect the family, not to address inflation and price increases.

“…Why will I come to save the family? I’ll come to save my leader, my leader saves me. I have no issue if they make this a definition of family,” said Khurshid.

Shehzad Poonawalla, a BJP spokesperson, jumped on the comment and asserted that it makes it abundantly evident that the protests are not being held in support of “desh bachao,” but rather “parivar bachao.”

“First they will loot the country and then save the corrupt leader. This is their reality. This is not about Desh Bachao but Parivar Bachao,” Poonawalla tweeted.

The protests today occur as Rahul and Sonia Gandhi, along with other Congress officials, are being questioned about the National Herald issue. The Congress had protested the Enforcement Directorate’s interrogation of the Gandhis in the matter and asserted that the BJP was pursuing Opposition leaders for speaking out against the government.


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