Call for Paper – Lex is Us Law Journal’s [ISSN – 2583-2344] Volume 1 Issue 2 of 2022; No Registration Fee, Submit Manuscript by September 30th 2022

About Institute of Legal Education (ILE)

            Institute of Legal Education is a Legal Institute to Promote Legal Education managed by I.L.E. Educational Trust (Former Institution known as “Indian Journal of Legal Review”). ILE has been established with the vision of excellence in legal education and research. Our ultimate visions are establishing the platforms for quality legal education and promoting legal gens even to the perspicacious society.

Indian Journal of Legal Review.

            Lex Is Us Law Journal [LIU] is an Bi-annual and open access, Online law Journal devoted to impart views on contemporary issues of law by knocking cross current ideas on the emerging legal matters established by Institute of Legal Education. LIU shall also provide an interactive platform for the students, Advocates, legal scholars & researches to ignite and contribute their knowledge in the field of law. LIU is established with a vision of excellence interdisciplinary legal research and to explore the challenges of law that lie before law makers and the society. The oneness of LIU is that it provides opportunity to erudite and express lightning bolt thoughts without any theme in the subject of law.

            LIU welcomes contributions from all legal branches, as long as the work is original, unpublished and un-plagiarized and is in consonance with the submission guidelines.

Theme for Volume 1 Issue 2 of 2022.

Any research related to law Field is acceptable. Theme opens to author’s wisdom.

Submission Guidelines

Categories of Manuscript

·                     Research Papers (3000-8000 words excluding footnotes)

·                     Articles (2000-3000 words excluding footnotes)

·                     Case or Legislative Comment (1500-2000 words excluding footnotes)

·                     Book Review (1500-2000 words excluding footnotes)

I. General Instructions

• Research Papers and Articles must be accompanied by an abstract not exceeding 300 words.

• Co-authorships are allowed for all categories, except Case Notes and Legislative Comments wherein co-authorship is not permitted.

• All works must be original and unpublished, and must not be pending for review before any other journal. Any form of plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification for publication in LIU.

• While it is advisable to adhere to the word limits of each category, the journal may be flexible on the word limit depending on the quality of the article.

• Don’t Expect the Conformation mail. After submission from the Form the article directly send to the review process. Selected paper will be published directly.

II. Format

1. The manuscript should contain the name of the paper, name of the authors and their institutional affiliation.

2. The main body of the manuscript should be in Times New Roman style, font size 12, with 1.5 line spacing.

3. Footnotes in Times New Roman Style, Size 10, with 1.0 line spacing.

4. All headings must have uniform formatting.

5. Texts and footnotes should conform to the Bluebook 20th Edition.

6. All Manuscript must end with Reference Section.


Authors must submit their manuscript from this link – Submission Link

Last Date to submit Manuscript for Volume 1 – Issue 2 2022 is September 30th, 2022.

In case you face any difficulty with online submission, submit your paper via email to with the subject as “Submission of Manuscript LIU– Volume 1 – Issue 2, 2022”.

Publication Date – October 15th, 2022.

Publication Fee

The LIU don’t charges any fees at any stage of the manuscript. it is full of free cost for valuable knowledge.

For More Details:-

Prasanna S, Chairman, ILE – +91 94896 71437 or

Click Here to Submit the Manuscript

Click here to visit the Journal’s official Website


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