Inviting Applications for Campus Ambassadors

About the Organisation

Accords International (AcIn) is the world’s premier organization working in the area of conflict resolution. We are passionate about discovering innovative techniques in mediation and restorative justice for widening their scope as a mechanism of conflict resolution.

AcIn was conceptualized in 2021 with an aim to:

1. Empower individuals to establish better dispute resolution mechanisms;
2. Utilise existing techniques in dispute resolution in a more productive way and create new techniques in the area;
3. Create a pan India network of professionals, academicians, judges, bureaucrats, and students working in the area of conflict resolution and restorative justice &
4. Synergise the working of alternate dispute resolution mechanisms with courts and the government for faster and optimal results


Accords International is inviting applications for Campus Ambassadors for a period of 3-6 months.

Our Campus Ambassador Programme is an opportunity for students to act as connections between Accords International and their institution. It opens the prospects to develop liaising, professional, marketing and leadership skills, to gain an edge in the competitive global market.

This position will be basically to build relationships with students, faculty, and professionals, and communicate our proposal(s) to your institution.

You can also work as a Research, Writing, Design or Marketing Intern with us during this period. 
(To be selected as Intern as well, fill out separate internship application)

i. Coupons/Discounts in various Trainings.
ii. Certificate of Appreciation & Letter of Recommendation
iii. Active incentives & commissions for event promotion
vi. Recognition of active Campus Ambassador on our website
v. Work on exciting, meaningful and innovative international projects and interaction with international experts
vi. Learning skills which will complement your academic qualification.

This post is open for all Bachelors & Masters students of Law, Social Work, Psychology, Behavioral Science, Management, Political Science & related fields.

Interested students may apply at-


In case of any query please write to us at 


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