Online Consumer Law Quiz Competition 2022

The Pro Bono Club, School of Law, Presidency University is in collaboration with the Department of Justice, Ministry of Law & Justice, New Delhi for Nyaya Bandhu, under the Pro Bono Legal Service Scheme. We, at PBA, aim at improving efficiency and quality of pro bono legal services by providing assistance to pro bono advocates through law students. We also aim at instilling in young legal minds their responsibility to the community by understanding and practicing pro bono legal services for the unassisted and disadvantaged persons in the societies. 

The Pro Bono Association, School of Law, Presidency University is organizing an “Online Consumer Law Quiz Competition 2022” for the students of School of Law, Presidency University to create awareness of their existing consumer rights conferred upon them by the Government in the present era. The distinguished key note speaker of the event is Hon’ble Mr. Justice R. K. Agrawal, Hon’ble President, National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission & Retd Justice of Supreme Court. The panel will dwell on the process to understand legislations relating to consumer protection. Various legislations and the process of Consumer Protection redressal forum is pertinent to analyze for young lawyers and law students. It will be held on 17th September 2022 and there will be no limit on the registration of students, therefore any number of students can register from an institute. There shall be no registration fees for the quiz which shall be conducted and the awards for the accolades are as such: 1st Position: Rs. 2000; 2nd Position: Rs. 1000; 3rd Position: Rs. 500.


1.     The first edition of the ‘Pro Bono Quiz Competition 2022’ will be organised by Pro Bono Club, School of Law, Presidency University, Bangalore on 17th September 2022, and will be held online via Microsoft Teams and Integrated Platform.

Students of Presidency University, from the School of Law may participate as individuals.

3.    DRESS CODE: The participants shall adhere to Formal attire while joining the session for Webinar as well as Quiz Competition

4.     LANGUAGE: The participants shall use only English language for official communications and oral submissions during the competition.

5.     Registration & Reward:  Registration for everyone is free of cost (provided that they are law student). 

The top 3 participants (winners)  will be awarded prize money (1st position – ₹2,000/- , 2nd position – ₹ 1,000/- , 3rd position – ₹500/- ) and certificates. All participants will be given a certificate of participation.

6.     The participants are advised to have seamless internet connectivity. In case a participant log out or disconnects from the quiz at any time due to internet connectivity or otherwise, they will be treated as an ‘external person’ for the remainder of the quiz; i.e. they cannot re-join the quiz. The organizers will NOT entertain any complaints regarding connectivity in view of the sanctity of the Quiz.


1.     Pro Bono Club, School of Law, Presidency University shall be the Organizing Body for the “Pro Bono Quiz Competition 2022.”

2.     The Organising Body has the sole discretion to enforce, clarify, interpret the rules; resolve any disputes that may arise during the Competition and has the power to change/supplement the rules, if any changes or supplements are necessary.

3.     Each participant shall provide one valid email address to the Organising Body at the time of registration.


The Registration process will be done by Google form.

Registration will close at 7:30 PM on 13th September.

Upon registration, participants will receive detailed rules of procedure for the Quiz including instructions for preliminary and final rounds, team codes, marking scheme, duration, scoring and other relevant details.


Last date of Registration: 13th September 2022 (7.30 PM)

Last date to seek Clarifications: 12th September  

Date of Webinar & Quiz: 17th September 

17th September 2022: (i) Webinar- 10 AM to 11.30 AM

(ii) Quiz – 

Round 1: 12 PM – 12.40 PM (Prelims – All participants) (

Round 2: 2 PM – 2.40 PM (Top 20 Participants after prelims) (

Round 3 (Final Round): 3.40 PM – 5 PM (Top 6 Participants) (MS Teams mediated by Quiz Master on live screen) 


For any clarifications regarding the quiz, registration and aforementioned rules, please write to with the Subject Line: “Pro Bono Club Quiz – Queries”.


3.1. Clarifications can be sought through the google form (PBC – Quiz – Google Forms) and the clarification can be seen on the excel sheet, which will be shared on the WhatsApp group.


Round 1(preliminary: QUIZ): In round one there will be multiple choice questions in form. The form will consist of 40-45 MCQ, each question will carry 1 mark. Each question will have a timer and the participants  will have to answer the question within the time given (depending upon the question).

Round 2 (Quarter/Semi-finals) In round 2 which is same as the round 1, but in round 2 the participants will be given 25-30 MCQ. (Questions will be of Intermediate level)

Round 3 (finale): Here the participants will be on Microsoft teams and will be asked questions by the quizmaster. The level of questions will be higher and the students will also be asked subjective questions. Approximately 5-6 questions per participants.


· All the teams shall be bound to follow the code of conduct and the rules laid down by the Pro Bono Club, Presidency University.

· Any behaviour of indiscipline with the judge, quiz master or student volunteer shall be dealt with strictly.

· The organising committee reserves the right to amend, modify or repeal any of the rules if so required and as they deem appropriate. Participating teams shall receive adequate notice of any/all such amendments or modifications to the rules.

· If anything, not covered by rules, the decision of organising committee will be binding.

· During the live rounds, any kind of disturbance created to disturb the other participant shall be warned, the continuance of disturbance may lead to disqualification from the competition on the discretion of Judges.

· No participant is allowed to use mobile phones, books, internet sources, human resources, or any other resources to cheat in any manner in the competition if anyone found in contempt of the rules they shall be subject to disqualification immediately as well as strict action against them must be taken. 


Regarding the rules of the competition or any other queries, send your queries at with subject line “Pro Bono Club Quiz – Queries”.

You can also contact any of the following members of the Organizing Committee between 10 am to 4:00 pm (IST)

• Event Co-ordinators:

– Sanidhya Gurung

(+91 82181 91842)

– Rutushree

(+91 72058 48290)

o E-Mail:

o Instagram: 



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