Call for Chapters: Book on Criminology

Proposed Book Title: Criminology: Traditional Crime and Public Policy

Author (‘s) /Editor (‘s): Ms. Lovleen Sharma and Dr. Sonia Jain

Overview of the Book: The primary focus of criminology is on behaviors that qualify as crimes and the accompanying social reactions to these criminal acts. It is an interdisciplinary field centered around the study of law and crime that incorporates contributions from other disciplines such as psychology, anthropology, political science, and law, even though sociological theories have played a significant influence in its growth. In order to better understand some of the behaviors that have significant effects on society, An Edited book on criminology is invited from an interdisciplinary field that would bring together academics, doctors, students, and other professionals from other fields.

Proposed sub-themes: The below themes are only illustrative not exhaustive. Interested participants may submit an abstract relevant to the main theme of the book.

  1. Crime and Deviance.
  2. Public Conception and Mis-conception of Crime
  3. Psychological Explanation
  4. Learning behavior, Psycho-analytical approach, mental disorder, and criminality
  5. Sociological and Ecological theory, Culture – conflict theory.
  6. Economic explanations of crime causation
  7. Understanding Typology of Crimes and Related Legal Provisions
  8. Understanding Violent crimes and Legal & Judicial Interventions
  9. Understanding Crime against Women and Children in physical and cyberspace: Legal & Judicial Interventions
  10. Juvenile Delinquency: Nature, form, and Etiology of delinquency, legal and institutional framework, Preventing and controlling juvenile delinquency
  11. Positivist explanation of female criminality

About the Author (‘s) /Editor (‘s):

  1. Ms. Lovleen Sharma is an Assistant Professor, in the Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies (VSLLS) VIPS, affiliated with GGSIPU. Her teaching areas are Law of Evidence, Law of Crimes, and Family Law. She graduated in Law from Law Centre I, Delhi University, and thereafter pursued LLM from Indian Law Institute in the field of Criminal Laws and Corporate Laws. She is UGC- NET Qualified. Her area of research includes Criminal law and Evidence. She writes extensively on the latest areas of law like Psychological Autopsy, Sanitation laws, Martial Rape Exemption, Traditional Knowledge, etc.
  2. Dr. Sonia Jain is an Assistant Professor, in the Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies (VSLLS) VIPS, affiliated with GGSIPU. Her teaching areas are Criminal Law and Family Law. She is a Doctorate in Law from Panjab University and has academic experience of more than 8 years. She has practiced for more than 3 years at Panjab and Haryana High court at Chandigarh, mainly in Criminal matters. She has 3 international Publications out of 7.

Contact Details: Ms. Lovleen Sharma

Mobile: +91-9811700350

Dr. Sonia Jain

Mobile: +91-9873514944

Keywords: Criminology, Punitive theories of crime, psychology of the criminals.

Specifications for submission:

1. Font: Your font should generally be 12-point Times New Roman. Though some agents and editors may prefer different serif or sans serif fonts like Arial or Courier New, Times New Roman with a 12-point font size is the industry standard.

2. Margins: Your pages should include one-inch margins on all sides (so your top, bottom, left, and right margins should all be uniform). These should be the default margins in MS Word and other word processors like Scrivener.

3. Indentations: For the first line of a new paragraph, you should indent a half-inch. For most word processors, you can do this by hitting the tab key once.

4. Line spacing: All lines should be double-spaced. Double-spacing your lines makes the manuscript easier to read and mark up. Do not add an extra space between paragraphs.

5. Alignment: Your words should be aligned on the left-hand side of your page, but not justified. The right-hand side of your page will not be uniform.

6. Page numbers: Page numbers begin with the number one and are numbered continuously, beginning with the first new page after the title page. Pages in the front matter, such as the table of contents, copyright page, or ISBN info are numbered with Roman numerals.

7. References: The footnotes should be with the Bluebook(20th ed)citation format and no end notes.

8. All the submissions must reach electronically and in Microsoft word format(.doc/.docx).

Approximate Words: 4000-6000 per chapter

Date for submission of Abstract: 15th September 2022

Intimation of acceptance of abstract: 20th September 2022

Deadline for Paper submission: 10th October 2022

Submit your abstract/paper:

Publisher: Satyam law International (Delhi)


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