Free Bootcamp on “Career Prospects on Gaming & Gambling law” on 29th & 30th October 2022.

About LedX

LedX- Legal Education by Experts is a dedicated legal online learning platform, changing the way legal education is taught, delivered, and utilised. Our expertise across the vast courses and sectors covers varied and nuanced needs in a constantly evolving legal, regulatory, and business environment. LedX is harnessing legal education through app-based learning, online professionals, and student community and course delivery beyond the traditional education system through a single platform, making legal education easily accessible worldwide.

About the Bootcamp

Gambling in India is a huge topic due to the heavy restrictions imposed on the same. Out of 29 states, only 3 have legalized gambling activities with considerable restrictions! With the advent of online gaming platforms like Teen Patti, Rummy, and Poker – the lines get blurred!

The term “Online Gaming” brings Fantasy Gaming, Online Gambling, and all other variations within its purview, creating a grey zone of legal status. Join LedX for the free Bootcamp to discover the world of gaming & gambling laws and the career opportunities that await you in this multi-million-dollar industry!

Prepare yourself for a futuristic legal career!

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