Adani Green Energy gets shareholders’ nod to appoint Ahlem Friga Noy as director

As potato and tomato production slows, it is anticipated that vegetable and fruit prices in India will rise in the coming days.The two vegetables’ prices have always fluctuated.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture’s third advance horticulture estimate, onion production remained higher than the previous year while potato and tomato production was estimated to have decreased by 4-5 percent during the crop year that ended in July 2022.Overall vegetable production is expected to rise to 204.84 million tonnes, up from 200.45 million tonnes during that time.Depending on harvesting cycles, these crops include those planted in the previous fiscal year but harvested or sold in the current one.

The government announced that potato production will decrease by 5% to 53.39 million tonnes in 2021-2022, down from 56.17 million tonnes in the previous year, in the third advance estimate of horticultural crop production.Similarly, it is estimated that tomato production decreased by 4% to 20.33 million tonnes from 21.18 million tonnes during the same time period.

On the other hand, onion production is forecast to rise to 31.27 million tonnes during the crop year 2021-22, up from 26.64 million tonnes the year before.

The estimation revealed that, in comparison to the previous year, fruit production is expected to rise to 107.24 million tonnes during the crop year 2021-22.


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