RTI Drafting Competition

This is your opportunity to apply the law that you’ve learnt to make a difference.

Identify the gaps to step up the transparency in the system.


1.      Participants have to file an RTI with atleast one public department.

2.      The RTI should contain information relevant for a section of the society.

3.      It may cover a lacuna of law, anything which provides for a future point of action for the relevant section identified.

4.      Submit a copy of the Online RTI Request Form that you’ve filed, your Registration Number, copy of Reply on this form https://forms.gle/8Nh9fjBExCNWA82RA

The last day of submission of response is 15th December 2022.

Organiser’s tip- Do take in account the time period for supplying information by the public authorities.


Students enrolled in any undergraduate programme are eligible to register for the competition. 

All participants filing the RTI will an e-participation certificate. We’ll have 3 winners, decided on varying factors such as how well is the RTI drafted, whether it gets the desired response that it was aimed at receiving, relevance of the matter, etc. 


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