The Legal Vidya ISSN (O) : 2583 – 1550 Call For Papers Volume 3 Issue 2 Submit By 12th December 2022

About The Legal Vidya

The Legal Vidya is a student(s) initiative run online journal (Two Issues Per Year) with the aim of reaching youths of the nation, buddying lawyers, students and academicians to bring forth the legal knowledge at your fingertips.
We are here to provide you with a lucid way of learning law with the help of daily blogs pertaining to the latest/other legal issues going on in the country. We also provide legal advice and needed legal awareness to the masses with a pioneering objective of reaching the underprivileged and serving the idea of Free Legal Aid to them. (Article 39A of the Constitution of India) 


Authors may make a submission of any socio-legal issues or any other legal issue.


Students pursuing Bachelor’s or Masters in Law, Professors, Academicians, Advocates, Research Scholars, and Law enthusiasts are eligible to send in their entries.


A 250–300-word abstract is compulsory in every paper. Paper without abstract will be rejected without reviewing. 

Publication Fee

  1. Publication Fee is to be paid by the author(s) after the Manuscript is accepted for Publication. Publication Fees is as under:
    1. Single Author – ₹ 350/-
    2. Two Author(s) – ₹ 550/-


  1. Case Commentaries – (800 – 2500 words exclusive of footnotes)
  2. Short Notes – (1000 – 3000 words exclusive of footnotes)
  3. Articles – (3000 – 6000 words exclusive of footnotes)
  4. Research Paper – (6000 – 10,000 words exclusive of footnotes)

Guidelines for the Authors

  1. Maximum 2 authors per article.
  2. All the papers will undergo a blind peer review and the decision of the editors shall be final.
  3. Authors should not mention their name or any kind of identification mark in the manuscript. A separate file regarding the information of the author shall be sent which should include – Full Name, Designation, e-Mail, Contact Information, Address.
  4. The article/research paper should be an original work which must be written solely by the Author(s) in English and should not have been submitted for publication elsewhere.

Method of Citation

Authors are required to follow the 20th Edition Harvard Bluebook style of citation.

Submission/Formatting Guidelines

  1. Manuscripts should be in .docx or .doc format.
  2. There shall be an appropriate title of the manuscript.
  3. The manuscript shall be original and unpublished
  4. Plagiarism should not exceed 10%.
  5. The submission shall be grammatically correct, non-plagiarized, and free from any spelling mistakes.
  6. Full names of all the author(s), contact details and complete address must be mentioned in the covering letter and not in the manuscript.
  7. There shall be no borders and/or any other design on the manuscript (if any the same can be considered to be a ground for rejection).
  8. The body of the manuscripts shall be in Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing and Justified.
  9. Footnotes should be in 20th Harvard Bluebook Citation format. Fonts for footnotes should be Times New Roman, font size 10, with 1.0 line spacing and Justified.

How To Submit

To submit the manuscripts click here:- 

Important Dates

The manuscripts should be latest submitted by December 12th, 2022, 11:59 P.M. for the same to be considered for publication in Volume 3 Issue 2


  1. Upon the due selection and publication of submitted manuscripts, the Author(s) shall be entitled to receive a digital copy of the certificate of publication as well as the Hard Copy of the Certificate.

Important Policies

To view the Policy click here – Open Access Policy

To view the Policy click here – Withdrawal Policy

To view the Policy click here – Publication Policy

To view the Policy click here – Copyright Policy

Contact Details


Contact No.: +91 93599 03968 (WhatsApp Only)



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