Webinar on “the Art of drafting memorials and effective moot court arguments.”

About the Organiser 

Law Fight is an e-learning platform where we believe that there is a better way for learning law. Our aim is to make the law a lucid subject for everyone, where even a person with no law background should understand the laws. We publish posts, blogs, and articles, conduct quizzes, competitions, and many more. We are excited to simplify the law for everyone through our education and community. 

About the webinar 

This webinar is based on “the Art of drafting memorials and effective moot court arguments.”

General details 

Webinar date – 19th November 2022 

Time – 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm 

Mode – Online 

Platform – Youtube


Chandrashekara Bharathi Venkataraman, Panel Counsel at the Supreme Court of India.

Who can attend? 

Any person with legal background. 


Use the link below to register. 


Registration deadline 

18th November 2022, 11:59pm 


Participation certificates are to be issued to all the participants. 

Contact information 

If you have any queries, contact us. 

Whatsapp – 9738657292 

Email – thelawfight@gmail.com 

Instagram – @thelawfight

Official Instagram handle 



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