Russia declines Pakistan’s request for a 30-40% discount on crude oil

According to a media report on December 1, a Pakistani team meeting with Russian
counterparts requested a 30–40% discount on crude oil, but Moscow rejected the request, stating that all volumes were already promised. During negotiations on Wednesday in Moscow, the delegation—which included State
Minister for Petroleum Musadik Malik, Secretary for Petroleum Capt (Retd) Muhammad
Mahmood, joint secretary, and representatives of the Pakistani Embassy in Moscow—asked
for a discount. However, the Russian side pledged to take Pakistan’s proposal into consideration and to
communicate its decision later on through diplomatic channels, the publication reported, citing its sources. The meetings ended without a clear resolution. According to the paper, Russia can provide oil at the same prices it is offering to its major
client countries, which have stable economies, at a good time. According to sources, all quantities are currently reserved by significant purchasers.

The Russian side asked Pakistan to start by keeping its word about the much-touted Pakistan
Stream Gas Pipeline (PSGP), which will be built from Karachi to Lahore. The official delegation from Pakistan traveled to Moscow on November 29 for a three-day
meeting with Russian officials to discuss the possibility of importing crude oil at a reduced
price, as well as the manner of payment and shipping costs. Since the US does not currently have sanctions in place against Russian energy exports to
other countries, the U.S. has made it clear that it has no issues with Pakistan importing
Russian crude oil. In October, Russia surpassed Saudi Arabia and Iraq as India’s leading oil suppliers, overtaking them as recen


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