ICICI Bank believes the real estate sector has prospects

According to Anup Bagchi, executive director of private sector lender ICICI Bank, there is
potential in the real estate business right now, but only for individuals who have their
financial affairs in order.
“At the current time, we observe that the real estate sector is experiencing tailwinds, although
they are not widespread. Only heavily consolidated players and those who are improving are
eligible,” he said. More borrowers for real estate are able to meet the bank’s risk rules,
according to Bagchi, even though the bank hasn’t relaxed those standards. “Their leverage has
decreased, their inventory has decreased, demand has increased, “added he.
The builder portfolio, which includes working capital, term loans, lease rental discounting,
and construction financing, was worth $31,963 crore as of September 30 versus $27,569
crore as of June 30. The builder portfolio represents more than 3% of the total loan portfolio,
according to the bank’s results call on October 22.


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