Nihal Sarin and Anna Ushenina win the championship in TataSteel Chess

Nihal Sarin, a teenager from India, won the Tata Steel Chess India tournament on Thursday
at the National Library, replacing Arjun Erigaisi, who won it last year.
Arjun, however, ended up spoiling Nihal’s celebration a little bit by defeating him in their last
round game with a strategy that proved to be amazingly exact, but Nihal had already won the
top prize in the quick portion. Arjun came in second place. Nihal did, in fact, win the
competition by a single round. The 18-year-old Thrissur, Kerala resident added, “It’s without
a doubt my best performance.”
In the women’s competition, Anna Ushenina of Ukraine won both of her tie-breaker matches
against Nana Dzagnidze of Georgia to claim the title.


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