Woman accused of hurling her infant from abuilding’s top, granted bail by the Bombay HighCourt.

A lady accused of hurling her newborn kid from a building’s top to its death recently received bail from
the Bombay High Court. The Kandivali police station had charged the applicant with violating Indian
Penal Code Sections :317 (abandoning a child under 12), 302 (murder), and 201 (causing the
disappearance of evidence) .
The chargesheet had also been submitted in the case, Justice MS Karnik remarked, and the petitioner
had been in custody for about three years.
“The applicant is working as a house maid and she is in custody since more than 2 years and 11 months.
The charge-sheet has already been filed. No purpose will be served by prolonging the custody of the
applicant – a woman any further. The possibility of the trial commencing any time soon in the near
future is remote,” remarked the court.
The woman will be released on bail once the court receives her $10,000 bail bond surety, according to
the judge.
Case: Dimple Warthe v. State of Maharashtra


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