Chief Justice of Patna High Court ordered by theSupreme Court to hear the police officer’s charge ofbeing assaulted within the District Judge’s chamber.

The complaint of a police officer who was reportedly attacked within the chambers of an Additional
District Judge (ADJ) in Patna was sent to the Patna High Court by the Supreme Court of India on Monday
[Gopal Krishna and Anr. vs State of Bihar].
Gopal Krishna, the petitioner, filed a case with the Supreme Court to overturn a decision made by the
Patna High Court on August 31 accepting the closure report in his complaint against the District Judge.
The Supreme Court’s bench of Justices MR Shah and CT Ravikumar stated on Monday that, if the
accusations were genuine, the Court would not stand for it. The Patna High Court Chief Justice was thus
given permission by the court to investigate the allegation and reach a conclusion on his own.


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