Indian subsea cable to be extended by Airtel and Meta

The undersea cable infrastructure of the company that owns Facebook will be extended to India with
the help of Bharti Airtel Ltd. and Meta Platforms Inc. Additionally, WhatsApp will be added as a
communications platform as a service (CPaaS) to the Indian telecom provider’s enterprise offering.
Bharti and Meta announced in a joint statement on Monday that Airtel will collaborate with Meta and
Saudi Telecom to extend 2Africa Pearls, the undersea cable put up by Meta that links Africa, Europe, and
Asia, to India.
The longest underwater cable system in the world, 2Africa, is anticipated to give over 3 billion people
worldwide quicker internet service. In order to further improve its submarine network portfolio, Airtel
and Meta will pick up the dedicated capacity and extend the cable to Airtel’s landing station in Mumbai,
according to the businesses. The venture’s anticipated funding was kept a secret.


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