NSA Doval hosts Central Asian counterparts and discussescounterterrorism measures with them

The “lifeblood” of terrorism is financial support, and combating it should be given higher
priority, according to NSA Ajit Doval, who was speaking on Tuesday while hosting his
counterparts from the Central Asian region in an effort to develop a shared strategy to address
the region’s most pressing security issues.
Speaking at the first conference of national security advisors between India and Central Asia,
Mr. Doval also stated that connectivity initiatives should respect national sovereignty and
territorial integrity. His comments come in response to growing criticism of China’s Belt and
Road Initiative (BRI).
In order to strengthen overall security cooperation in line with a resolution made at the
inaugural India-Central Asia summit in January, Mr. Doval held the conclave with a focus on
developing a common framework to deal with issues posed by terrorism in the region,
especially Afghanistan.

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