In December 2022, coal production increased by 10.8%

India’s coal production rose by 10.8% to nearly 83 million tonnes (MT) in December 2022 from 74.8 MT a year ago, and coal shipped from mines to consumer industries increased by 5.28% to nearly 79 MT.

According to preliminary figures from the Coal Ministry, December 2022 marked the second consecutive month in which coal output increased by double digits. In comparison to the first nine months of 2021–2022, when 522.34 MT of production were generated, 608 MT were produced in the first nine months of 2022–2023—a 16.4% increase.

In the Index of Core Industries (ICI), which accounts for around 40% of the Index of Industrial Production, coal production is weighted at 10.33%. (IIP).

This news is written by Ms. Pujari Dharani, Research Assistant, All India Legal Forum.


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