PM Modi calls Agnipath’s game-changing policy a game-changer in equipping the military for the future

On January 16, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a speech to the first group of Agniveers, claiming that Agnipath, a programme for temporary military employment that has faced criticism from some quarters, is a game-changing initiative that will boost the armed forces and prepare them for the future.

Mr. Modi commended the Agniveers for being the innovators of this “path-breaking” initiative, according to a statement. He claimed that the young Agniveers will give the military a more modern and tech-savvy feel.

He praised the Agniveers’ potential and said their zeal was a reflection of the military’s courage, which has always maintained the country’s flag flying high. He claimed that the knowledge they will gain from this chance will serve as a source of pride for the rest of their lives.

This news was written by Ms. Pujari Dharani, Research Assistant, All India Legal Forum.

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