Call for Interns for Research Internship at ILE; Publication Opportunity and Book Rewards; Apply by 10th February, 2023

About Institute of Legal Education

Institute of Legal Education is an Institute to promote the Legal Education managed by I.L.E.  Educational Trust (formerly known as “Indian Journal of Legal Review”). ILE has been established with the vision of excellence in legal education and research.  Our ultimate visions are establishing the quality platforms for legal education and promoting legal gens in this perspicacious society.

About Internship

Internship Project provides an opportunity to young individuals to expose themselves to cutting edge research in legal ideology and its scope in the legal research. It best suits individuals who have studying in college and wish to move on to pursue Ph. D. in Law or related fields, or to positions in government research institutions, or legal institutions that require a quantitative and analytic orientation.

Work Nature

  • Internship Participants shall prepare 4 Research Article/Article between the periods of Internship (8 Weeks).
  • In the Internship Period, participants must prepare a Research Article/Article per 2 week (Totally 4 Research Article/Article). You can submit before 2 weeks i.e. One week, but maximum allowed time limit is 2 weeks per article.
  • Research Article/Article may be returned to the author with suggestions related to substance and/or style. Final acceptance of a manuscript for publication is contingent on the incorporation of such suggestions to the satisfaction. If it is not satisfactory, it will be rejected.
  • Every two Week participants should submit their Research Article/Article in the provided submission link.
  • The Themes for the Internship are here –
  • Participants’ qualified Research Article/Article will be published with a publication certificate in the Institute of Legal Education’s Scholarly Journals at the free of cost with ISBN. Most Qualified Research Article/Article will be published with ISSN. Hard Copy of Certificate available at the request of Participants.
  • Certificate of Internship completion and letter of Recommendation shall be given to the participants after the successful completion of Internship.
  • If you need any help relating to the internship or article theme, you can ask your queries to the organizers at any time.
  • Maximum of Internship communication will be dealt in Whatsapp and Email.
  • Best top 2 interns will get Book Rewards.

Internship intake

20 Applicants. First come First Serve Basis Only.


8 Weeks

From 13th February, 2023 to 9th April, 2023


No Stipend 


Open to all Law Students and Researchers.

Last Date for Apply

February 10th, 2023

Important Links

Our Previous Internship Publications


Prasanna S – +91 94896 71437 or


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