Vote Bank Politics has Harmed Country`, PM Slams Opposition

Replying to Rahul Gandhi’s allegations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a scathing attack on Congress saying “10 years of UPA rule bled the country dry”. The PM made these remarks while replying to the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address in Parliament. During his speech, the PM said, “2004 to 2014 was the decade of scams and violence and the UPA’s trademark was to turn every opportunity into crisis”. He also stated that the welfare of his countrymen is his government’s top priority and the trust of 140 crore Indians is his protective shield.
The Congress-led Opposition has been demanding an inquiry into the allegations leveled by the Hindenburg Research firm against the Adani Group. The opposition parties have alleged that the sharp decline in stocks of the Adani Group is a ‘mega scam’ that involves common people’s money as public sector LIC and SBI have invested in them and have questioned the government on steps taken by it.

This news was written by Ms. Annapoorani Research Assistant at All India Legal Forum.


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