India sends search and rescue teams to Turkey and relief materials to Syria

Another military aircraft carrying relief materials are expected to be sent to Syria on Tuesday, and there will be two more relief flights to Turkey, people familiar with the matter said.
More than 50 search and rescue personnel from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), specially trained dog squads, drilling machines, relief material, medicines, and other equipment were despatched on a C-17 Globe master aircraft early on Monday. The flight landed at Adana in Turkey, one of the areas affected by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake.
The second C-17 carried more NDRF teams with dog squads, search, and rescue equipment, extrication tools, and vehicles. The flight also carried a 99-member team from the Indian Army’s Agra-based army field hospital that will establish a 30-bed medical facility. The team includes critical care specialists and orthopedics and general surgical experts and is equipped with X-ray machines, ventilators, an oxygen generation plant, and other equipment.

This news was written by Ms. Annapoorani Research Assistant at All India Legal Forum.

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