Mehbooba Mufti believes that grazing areas, common lands, and state lands should be managed by Mohalla Committees and Panchayats throughout J&K.

Mehbooba Mufti, a former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, stated on Thursday in Srinagar that the locals are the true landowners and cannot be characterized as encroachers. She asked the union territory’s Mohalla committees and panchayats to seize control of the public lands, common fields, and grazing areas. The leader of the People’s Democratic Party made an allusion to the BJP when he claimed that after first calling residents of this country “anti-national,” they are now referred to as “illegal encroachers.”
“Land should be taken up by Mohalla committees, panchayats, and other such organisations. Right yet, no state is established. Since we are a stateless people, people should have custody of the land since they are its true owners. Whether it is public land, grazing land, common land, or custodian land, this is our land, and the people should take ownership of it, according to Mufti.
She said that the “demolition effort” is a BJP ploy to divert attention away from Adani, who she accused of “looting and defrauding” the nation and its banks in addition to endangering the nation’s economy. They are unable to take action against the genuine illegal encroacher, Adani, so instead of doing so, they target the poor.
She spoke. The demolition, which Mufti referred to as a “balancing act,” was allegedly carried out deliberately by the central government by excluding one percent of residents from other communities while targeting 99 percent of Muslims in Delhi and Jammu.

This news is written by Miss. Ankita , Associate , All India Legal Forum .

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