Why regulatory convergence is the next frontier in India’s fintech journey sees a clear link between the country’s enlightened future based on the use of thoughtful technology that can help meet the basic needs of every individual.

Moksha and machine learning may have little in common. Ultimately, what constitutes freedom from the cycle of life, death, and rebirth has to do with a machine’s ability to learn from experience. But then, looking through the wave of fintech and new-age entities upending traditional finance, there is reason to believe in the life-changing possibilities that now seem possible when a geek tries to direct a green hat to the greater good. Referring to the Hindu philosophical concepts of moksha, Sadhana (devotional study) and Sankalp (the desire or determination of the heart), TVS Capital Funds founder, chairman and CEO
Gopal Srinivasan sees a clear connection between the enlightened future of the country. introduction of advanced technology that helps to satisfy the basic needs of every human being.

This News is Written by Miss. Ankita , Associate , All India Legal Forum .


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