Apple and a UK NGO collaborate to enhance India’s water management

On Friday, Apple Inc. said that it would support the creation of data- and analytics-driven approaches to better manage and preserve water in India in collaboration with the non-governmental organization (NGO) Frank Water, which has its headquarters in the United Kingdom.
The relationship will begin with a pilot project in the Bengaluru neighborhood of Anekal, where the Organization will gather information on local water usage patterns and support residents in taking action to reduce water waste and increase consumption efficiency.
In order to do this, Apple and Frank Water will employ a method known as “hydrological modelling,” which measures water inflow, use, and wastage using computer simulation. According to Apple, the tool will be used to generate results that will eventually be made available to local inhabitants, to reduce needless water waste, and to proactively optimize consumption patterns.
The project will engage community people, local businesses, and organizations, the corporations said.
The action was taken around a year after Apple announced its mangrove forest protection project in Maharashtra, in collaboration with the Nonprofit Applied Environmental Research Organization, based in Pune (AERF). The latter, which received an undisclosed amount from Apple in the form of a donation, works in Maharashtra’s estuaries to assist develop strategies for better conserving the area’s carbon-absorbing mangrove trees.
This news is written by Mr. Manpreet Rathor, Research Assistant, All India Legal Forum.


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