The IMA encourages physicians to forgo prescribing antibiotics for seasonal flu in light of the increase in virus incidence.

While H3N2 virus cases continue to climb, the Indian Medical Association on Friday recommended physicians and healthcare providers across to refrain from providing antibiotics for seasonal fever, colds, and cough. The medical organisation published a note about the announcement on each of its social media pages.
Seasonal fever will persist between five and seven days, according to the IMA Standing Committee on Anti-Microbial Resistance’s warning. The notification went on to say that while the fever goes gone after three days, the cough might last for up to three weeks.
The notification added that one of the precipitating causes is air pollution and that it primarily affects those over the age of 50 and younger than 15 when they get upper respiratory infections and fever. Doctors were instructed by the medical community to administer just symptomatic care; antibiotics were not necessary. In addition, it instructed individuals to begin taking antibiotics like azithromycin and amoxiclav without regard to dosage or frequency but to cease as soon as they began to feel better.

This News is Written by Miss. Ankita , Associate, All India Legal Forum .


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