The Supreme Court orders the Center to determine the number of recent tiger deaths.

The Indian Supreme Court ordered the government on Friday to tally the number of tigers that had recently perished in the nation.
A Bench led by Justice KM Joseph issued the directive while hearing a request to remove habitations from reserve forests in order to preserve the tiger population in the nation. “The Center to ascertain the reported deaths of tigers in India,” the bench ruled.
After Justice BV Nagarathna, a member of the Bench, mentioned that she had seen a newspaper article about numerous recent tiger deaths, the Bench gave this instruction.
The Indian Express and numerous other media outlets revealed last week that nearly two months into 2023, India had already recorded 30 tiger fatalities.
Even though the counsel for the Centre informed the Court that Additional Solicitor General Aiswarya Bhati was preoccupied in another court, this led the Bench to issue the order.
The Supreme Court was previously informed by the Center during a hearing in January that, according to a 2018 census, there are 2967 tigers overall in the country, distributed among 53 tiger reserves. The Court was informed that these figures even make up 70% of the total tiger population in the globe and that they are still increasing.
In the PIL, Attorney Anupam Tripathi claimed that, according to information provided by the National Tiger Conservation Authority, 41 tigers were killed in 7 months, or from January to August 9, 2015, in that year.
This news is written by Mr. Manpreet Rathor, Research Assistant, All India Legal Forum.

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