As further protests loom, French President Macron convenes a crisis meeting.

The day before another significant day of strikes and protests over his pension changes, President Emmanuel Macron called a crisis meeting of cabinet ministers. Tensions were high. Unions have pledged to continue large-scale rallies to force the government to renege on its position for close to two weeks after Macron forced the new bill through parliament using a special mechanism that avoided any vote.
They have planned for yet another significant day of protest on Tuesday, the tenth such mobilisation since demonstrations against the contentious law, which includes raising the retirement age from 62 to 64, began in mid-January. The reform’s “unpopularity” was acknowledged last week by Macron, whose approval ratings in polls are at an all-time low.
Elisabeth Borne, his prime minister, stated that she was prepared for further discussions with unions despite the fact that there was no plan to repeal the Act. We must choose the best course of action. We must calm down, she said in an interview with AFP on Sunday.
Borne has scheduled three weeks of meetings beginning on Monday with unions, political parties, municipal authorities, and lawmakers. Because of the violence, the British King Charles III’s state visit to France, which was scheduled to start on Sunday, was postponed.

This News is Written by Miss. Ankita , Associate , All India Legal Forum .


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