The UK has outlawed laughing gas, the second-most popular drug among teenagers.

According to a BBC story, the government has declared that the sale of nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, would be prohibited in the UK as part of a campaign against anti-social behaviour. It is also known as NOS, and it is, after cannabis, the drug that 16 to 24 year olds use the most frequently in the UK.
According to the article, as part of a larger campaign against anti-social conduct, it will now be illegal to possess laughing gas. Although nitrous oxide production, delivery, or importation for human use are prohibited, possession has not yet been made a crime.
The government gave their explanation, stating that it was “concerned about the growth in health and societal effects” of laughing gas, particularly to children and young adults.
The government said, “We are for the first-time making possession of nitrous oxide a crime, limiting supply for misuse by tightening regulations on shops, and providing law enforcement stronger tools to take action against those who are in violation.”

This News is Written by Miss. Ankita , Associate , All India Legal Forum .

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