Accredited 60-Hour Mediation Training Program

About the Program

The Accredited 60-Hour Mediation Training Program builds on the tradition of mediation by providing a comprehensive, hands-on training that equips trainees with the skills and knowledge needed to become an effective mediator. This program covers the theory and practice of mediation, including communication skills, conflict resolution strategies, and ethical considerations. This program is open to lawyers, business professionals, educators, or anyone else who wants to help others resolve their disputes in a peaceful and productive way. Also, it focuses on creating a culture where mediation skills are perceived as life skills and not just an addition to the professional profile of an individual. It is curated in a manner that makes it suitable for students/professionals/academicians from non-legal backgrounds as well.

Detailed brochure

Special Opportunities for Students: Observer Program Click Here: Link for Mediation Training:

About the Organizer

Accords International (AcIn) is the world’s premiere organization working in the area of conflict resolution. It is passionate about discovering innovative techniques in mediation and restorative justice for widening their scope as a mechanism of conflict resolution. AcIn empowers and supports people in confronting misunderstandings and conflicts at their home, workplace, and community in general. Its larger aim is to create a wider network of conflict resolution professionals, mediators, and restorative justice facilitators to provide better solutions for solving disputes without going to court.

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About the Collaborators

Mediation Academy, South Africa

The Mission Statement of Mediation Academy South Africa (Pty) Ltd, is to empower individuals to establish successful SME’s in mediation, and to unlock new markets in mediation by utilising existing technologies and developing new technologies. They believe that the secret to doing this resides in bridging the digital divide. Mediation Academy SA (Pty) Ltd is accredited in SA & Internationally by the ADR International Register, by the South African Association for Mediators (SAAM), and the National Accreditation Board for Family Mediators (NABFAM). 

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Foundation for Sustainable Rule of Law Initiatives

FSRI is a charitable organization promoting alternative dispute resolution centers to facilitate timely, fair, and peaceful conflict resolution across the globe. Its mission is to create sustainable mediation centers to achieve timely, fair, and peaceful conflict resolution in developing countries with overburdened and backlogged court systems. Our goal is to enhance meaningful access to justice for underserved populations in emerging democracies.

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About the Accreditor

The training program has been accredited by ADR RegisterGlobal Network Group (GNG), Amsterdam. It is an internationally recognized industry accreditation body. ADR Register, GNG, is ISO 9001 certified by Lloyds Register and supervised by ICC Council. Global Network Group is also registered with United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS). ADR Register is a subsidiary of GNG. It has had its ISO 9001 certification since April 2008. GNG holds a committee of experts or a quality standards committee. The committee is 100% independent. It creates the International Certification Council (ICC Council). The ICC Council is a separate UK-registered legal entity. The specific task is to maintain and create registration and certification criteria, and to integrate these criteria into its certification schemes, and control compliance & enforcement.

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Registration Link- 

Key benefits

·         Get certified as a mediator.

·         Exposure to international dispute resolution.

·         Diverse and global cohort.

·         Interact with global experts.

·         Route to getting admitted to the top-ranked international universities.

·         Practice mediation in real-time simulations/role plays to get practical experience.

·         Enhance career prospectus, law, business, and academics.

·         Develop skills in negotiation, critical thinking, reflective practice, public speaking, active listening, and root cause analysis of the problem.

·         Get trained to be a trainer.

·         Completely virtual training.

·         Digital learning material.

·         Research, collaboration, and Empanelment opportunities.

Early bird Deadline: April 20, 2023

Early bird fee: 16,000/- (USD 200/GBP 165)

Last date to register: May 31, 2023

General fee: 20,000/- (USD 245/GBP 200)*

*(Post early bird registration fee)

Observer Program Fee: INR 6500/ *

*(Only for students)

Dates of Training:

Day 1   (June 10)-  (11:00 am – 06:00 pm)

Day 2 (June 11)-   (10:45 am – 06:00 pm)

Day 3 (June 12)-   (07:00 pm – 09:45 pm)

Day 4 (June 13)-   (07:00 pm – 09:45 pm)

Day 5 (June 17)-   (10:30 am – 05:30 pm)

Day 6 (June 18)-   (11:00 am – 05:15 pm)

Day 7 (June 25)-   (11:00 am – 06:45 pm)

Day 8 (July 1)-     (09:30 am – 07:45 pm)

Day 9 (July 2)-     11:00 am – TBD

*All timings are in IST

Registration Link: 

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