Surat Court grants Bail to Rahul Gandhi in Defamation Case

A Sessions Court in Surat granted bail to former Congress President Rahul Gandhi and suspended his sentence till the disposal of his appeal in a Defamation case filed by BJP Legislator Purnesh Modi in 2019 over a remark made by him on the surname ‘Modi’. The court had convicted him for 2 years of simple imprisonment in the Defamation Case.
The Congress Leader has filed a criminal appeal challenging his conviction. In addition, he has also filed two applications in this matter. The first application is for the suspension of his sentence and asks that he be released on bail pending final disposal of the appeal while the second application is for the suspension of the two year sentence given by a Surat Magistrate Court on 23rd March, 2023.
The Appeals have been filed before the court of an Additional District Judge. The Appeal against conviction is scheduled to be heard on 13th April while the appeal against conviction will be heard on 3rd May. Following the court order, Rahul Gandhi tweeted that he was fighting a battle against the ‘Mitrakal’ to save democracy and that truth is his sole weapon.
This was written by Ms. Anshika Gupta, Intern, All India Legal Forum.


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