National Training Program on Fundamentals of Forensic Science – Centre For Criminology and Criminal Justice, Symbiosis Law School Hyderabad

About The Event:

The National Forensic Training Program is scheduled for two days and will cover two aspects of forensic science i.e. Fingerprint Examination and Digital Forensics. The course will be for a duration of 10 hours, over the course of 2 days, which will conclude with an evaluation test on the second day. Teaching hours also incorporate practical exercises to enhance the learning experience. The primary goal of this training program is to provide an awareness of forensic sciences, as well as practical and theoretical knowledge of fingerprint examination and digital forensics.

About The Centre:

Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice or CCCJ, SLSH for short, is one of the many centres of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad (SLSH) that aims at specializing, tutoring, and disseminating information about the different facets of criminology, forensic science, penology and victimology to its students. CCCJ was established in March 2018 with an ambitious and enthusiastic furore to gain more knowledge about the fascinating world of criminology and its sister branches. The Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice is engaged in activities to develop and strengthen the existing Criminal Justice system of the state and benefit society for smooth functioning. The Centre functions with the objective of working as a resource centre in the field of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Important Information:

Last date for registration: 20th April, 2023

Registration Fee : Rs 3000/-

Link for registration  

For more details please refer to the attached brochure.

In case of any queries, write to us at or contact

Aisvarya Chandran : 8904082401

S. Sukanya : 9487425177

For more information about events and more, Follow these pages:

Instagram: 20e9llwr3ua9




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