The Academy of Banking and Financial Affairs of All India Legal Forum believes in the objective to promote knowledge and awareness about this rapidly flourishing field of law. It aims to provide a platform for all aspiring lawyers to develop their research and advocacy skills in the field of banking and finance. Banking has been a foremost sector that has reformed the country’s economy to a great extent. From its old paradigm of capital, labour and technology, the country’s economic growth has shifted its gaze towards the mobilization of savings, their investments and returns. Reforms in the banking sector have led the country’s economy to a high peak. Its tremendous growth has always enlightened the country to keep improving its functions and facilities.

The vision of the Academy is to provide training with the necessary knowledge and required skills to promote financial services in the rural sector and financial inclusiveness in the country as a whole. It has been established to develop intellectual leadership and capabilities in the field of banking, capital markets and other financial services. It aims to generate scholarship and work as a think tank for the robustness and soundness of the banking sector. To bring better analytical clarity at national, regional and global levels, the Academy seeks to engage public and private stakeholders for working together on the exchange of ideas, policy recommendations and allied regulatory issues. Through the research, we undertake and the events we organise, we seek to create and share knowledge, to engage stakeholders in an exchange of ideas, and to enhance the appreciation of legal and regulatory issues. We aim to bring greater theoretical and analytical clarity to these issues, to examine their policy impact, and to be a catalyst for ideas on how to improve banking and financial systems at the national, regional and global levels.

Banking Industry in recent times has experienced a lot many changes with the liberalisation in the licensing policy of the Reserve Bank of India. The number of new players has forayed into Banking viz. Small Finance Banks, Payment Banks, NBFCs, Fintechs, etc giving stiff competition in the Banking industry as a whole.  Further the penetration of Banking, notwithstanding the huge expansion in recent years, is far low compared to international standards. Further, there are a large number of managerial, financial, structural and technological issues facing the banking and non-banking financial organizations that need to be thoroughly investigated and resolved by research and consultancy to ensure long term sustainable growth of these sectors. Hence, the Academy will undertake research work exclusively to cater to the required needs of the Banking industry.

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