The School of IPR and Commercial Laws is an autonomous research school of Research Board, All India Legal Forum. It is an initiative to promote interdisciplinary research in corporate law, and related fields like competition law and policy-making, conflict management, banking and Intellectual Property Rights.

The main objective is to provide holistic advice on all issues relating to corporate affairs and Intellectual Property Rights, and impacting on corporate functioning, including the legislative, policy, structural, governance, regulation and interdisciplinary/coordination issues, keeping in view the current developments and likely future scenarios.

It provides for policy insights into government legislation on the edifice of the current epoch of rapid economic expansion and strategic knowledge dissemination. It aims to create an environment for systemic reforms as well as initiate plans and Programmes for cumulative change within and outside organizations. The issue of financial inclusion has been an under-explored field of law and policy studies.

Poverty and income inequality remain a stubborn challenge in India, the rapid economic expansion in previous decades, which lifted millions out of poverty. Financial inclusion is often considered as a critical element that makes growth inclusive as access to finance can enable economic agents to make longer-term consumption and investment decisions, participate in productive activities, and cope with unexpected short-term shocks. Intellectual Property Rights and their related laws is still a developing field in the country, but its reach and importance simply cannot be ignored. The intellectual property now touches several types of industries and businesses, ranging from the pharmaceutical industry to start-up and even small-time innovators. For promoting of research, extension and training in the field of intellectual property rights and Commercial Law, All India Legal Forum has established the School of IPR and Commercial Laws.

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