Testimony of the victim and witness is the key element in unveiling the truth and dispensing an impartial and just verdict and hence, they and their families are the most vulnerable to threats, intimidation, and political influence, which subsequently results in a reluctance to get involved in the first place. In addition to this, the victim not only undergoes physical and psychological prejudice, but also financial damages, which can often be irrecoverable by the victim or its family.
But such practices shouldn’t prevail anymore. The Society of Criminal Law and Social Reforms aims to stand by and assist, the victims and the witnesses for their protection by enlightening them of their rights and provisions for their protection and get compensation for the mentioned damages. The Society intends to discover and reveal every aspect that empowers the said parties, through detailed research and analysis and aspires to become a trusted source for the one in need.
Criminology and Victimology revolve all-around victim-friendly prosecution and justice. Keeping this in purview, the aim of this Society is engaging in the fruition of several research projects including subjects such as:
• Evolution of fast track courts
• Study of hate crimes and development of counter measures
• Victim friendly prosecution
• Victim justice.
• Provision of victim compensation and witness protection
The Society regularly conducts workshops, seminars, training programmes, conferences and symposiums on the above-mentioned subject areas.
The Society has taken this accountability of considering literature, religion and cultural practices of all regions to be used to demonstrate a traditionally rich understanding of criminology and victimology in different regions.
Law is an extremely powerful tool. Law in cooperation with centres dealing with Criminology and Victimology helps in creating trained personnel in the field of correctional and criminal justice administration. The Society also provide an amicable environment for promoting research, training, policy analysis and consultancy in the fields of Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Criminology and Victimology. The Society also aspires to be the pioneer in taking the first steps in the novel initiative to assist countries and regions in criminal justice policy making and support victims of crime and abuse of power.

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