The Corporate Law Board is an autonomous board of All India Legal Forum. It is an initiative to engage a discussion around corporate law and policy in India and across the globe. The Board adopts a cross jurisdictional and multi-disciplinary approach in analysing the various corporate law issues, regulatory framework and policy obligations. The Board aims to critically overlook the various corporate law enactments and the objectives that such enactments propose.

After the recession of 2008, it is the first time that major economic reforms are taking place across the world, even in developed nations. The major economic reforms are largely focussing on reforming the corporate law structure which play a major role in the economic growth in the globalised world. Not only the legal framework but the general corporate law structure is witnessing a change in the virtual world. The various regulatory bodies in India like the SEBI, RBI, Ministry of Corporate Affairs etc. have actively engaged in proposing various corporate law changes and to implement them. Thus, it becomes extremely important to focus on these changes, take a comparative approach to these changes and the existing framework and to look at the objectives that they seek to attain.  

The aim of the Board is to build a greater understanding of the corporate law developments. It also focusses on creating a greater awareness and talk around the various corporate law changes around the world. The purpose is to not only focus on the people engaged in the field of law but also to create a platform for dispersing the basic understanding of the corporate law issues to people engaged in the corporate field and also to the general people.

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